Your customers are your day to day bread and butter!  They are the very sustaining life of your title company!

With annual attrition customer losses ranging between 10% and 15% for title companies across the country, it is important that your existing core customers be retained at the highest possible levels.

Studies show that 68% of the reason a real estate agent, broker or mortgage lender would ever leave a title company to go to another is because of their perceived existence of an attitude of indifference.  In other words, they feel unimportant.

Our studies also show that it takes between 70 and 105 days for a title company to notice the fading or exiting of a customer!  This, then, sends an even stronger "attitude of indifference" message to the customer.  In other words, when the title company doesn't notice right away, the customer feels even less important.  And, since 93% of customers who leave for this reason do not say anything at all, this leaves title companies in a very weak position when it comes to keeping their thumb on the quality of their customer relationships while they go about their every day business of closing transactions.

Let's face it, increased customer retention initiatives are important for every title company in existence.!

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